Driven by a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, dys architecture has been creating architecture that has a positive impact on the lives of its’ users, the surrounding neighbourhood and the community at large since 1982. Our process centres on inclusion, creativity and passion, with an emphasis on collaboration both inside and outside the firm.

Colin Shrubb Principal
Architect AIBC

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Jodi Rock Associate
Dipl. Tech.

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Dane Jansen Principal
Architect AIBC, RA State of Washington, LEED AP

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Gek Mei Tan Senior Associate
Architect AIBC, MBA, LEED AP

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David Simpson Founding Partner
Architect AIBC, MRAIC

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Guided by our core values, dys focuses on creating inspired work that is technically, financially and socially responsible. Each project is treated as a unique challenge that requires unique solutions, in turn expanding our knowledge base and expertise.

Darcy Imada Associate
Intern Architect AIBC, Certified Passive House Consultant

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Norm Chin Principal
Architect AIBC, MRAIC

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Kari-Ann Madsen Associate
Architect AIBC

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Knut Boeck Principal
Architect AIBC, LEED AP

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Glenn Gardner Senior Associate
Architect AIBC, LEED AP

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Otto Cheng Associate
Dipl. Tech.

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Terry Yen Senior Associate
Architect AIBC, MRAIC

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We bring a thirst for innovative and creative responses to complex issues to arrive at simple, elegant solutions to the most challenging design issues. Directed by a culture of personal accountability and collaboration, our corporate goal is to serve our clients and communities, creating physical and social improvement in each place.